Passion And Expertise

LifeSync was created out of Steven and Dr. Geoffrey A. Booth, M.D.’s desire to bring physician leadership to a drug and alcohol detoxification center. Founded by Dr. Geoffrey A. Booth, M.D. and his brother Steven, LifeSync’s mission is to provide safe and comfortable drug and alcohol detoxification in a discreet and compassionate environment.

Both Steven and Dr. Booth are well-known in the addiction treatment community. Together, they have founded several successful residential addiction and dual-diagnosis treatment centers in California. Through their combined experience, they noticed an incredible lack of medical leadership and expertise in the field of drug and alcohol detoxification and recovery. In fact, the number of treatment facilities that are currently run and operated without any medical expertise is astounding.

With the acute need for recovery from alcohol and drug dependency at an all-time high, it is clear that the necessity for a physician-run program is great. You wouldn’t let your loved one be treated for a heart attack by a well-meaning lay-person who had a tremendous compassion for heart disease. You would want the best cardiologist in town. Addiction and alcoholism is no different. You deserve the best. Come to LifeSync and experience the difference.

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The Leadership

Geoffrey A. Booth, M.D.

Geoffrey A. Booth, M.D. is one of the most sought after addiction medicine physicians in Malibu and the Los Angeles area. He has extensive experience in providing expert medical detoxification for the most complex clients. After earning his B.A. in psychology at California State University, Los Angeles, Dr. Booth attended New York Medical College. He completed his internship and residency in Internal Medicine at UCLA Olive View Medical Center and is board certified in Internal Medicine. After residency, Dr. Booth went into private practice where he garnered a statewide and nationwide referral base for patients who suffered from difficult-to-treat diagnoses.

Dr. Booth subsequently dedicated several years to providing medical services to the poor and uninsured. During this time, Dr. Booth was the Chief Medical Officer of three large urban Federally Qualified Health Centers and oversaw dozens of physicians and licensed health care providers. His responsibilities included supervising alcohol and drug and behavioral health departments. Over the years, Dr. Booth has treated thousands of addicts and now has dedicated most of his clinical time to providing medical care and detoxification to clients who suffer from substance abuse. He is committed to helping them establish the foundations for long-term sobriety.

“It is a courageous and monumental decision to leave the drink or drug you’ve known for so long and to reach out for a chance at freedom and a new life,” says Dr. Booth. “We provide the love, hope, and professional care clients need to safely start this magical journey,” he says.

While not working, Dr. Booth has a rich personal life filled with activities surrounded by friends and family. You can often catch him running through Palisades Park or cycling along the bike path through Santa Monica. He loves his family and spends a lot of time with his son playing games and teaching him sports.

Steven E. Booth

Steven earned his B.A. from the University of California, Santa Barbara in economics. Like many others, Steven has seen firsthand the destruction addiction inflicts on friends and family. He also knows the amazing changes that can be made when those suffering from addiction receive the treatment they need. As a result, Steven co-founded one of Malibu’s most successful treatment centers. He has ten years of experience in running and operating residential treatment centers. Moreover, he brings a unique skill set with him. He has tremendous compassion, understanding and empathy for those in recovery and those needing help. Always one to take time to listen, he presents clear and succinct advice and help to the clients. Steve has an extremely strong work ethic and knows how to help.

While not at the office, Steve enjoys a rich personal life with his beautiful wife and children. He enjoys sports and staying active at the gym in addition to having a large and eclectic collection of music.

Sabrina Acatrinei, B.S.W., CADC-1

Program Director/Director of Human Resources

Sabrina comes to LifeSync with 12 years experience in case management and medical insurance. She holds a Bachelors degree in Social Work and is certified in medical billing and coding. Sabrina’s background includes work with the autistic population and adolescents that suffer with both developmental disabilities as well as substance abuse issues. Having a strong background in both clinical and administrative roles, Sabrina is able to approach each individual from a place of compassion, professionalism, fluidity and objectivity.She enjoys the dedication of her team at LifeSync and the shared commitment to help clients begin a future free of addiction.

Jay Weber

Director of Operations

Jay comes to LifeSync Malibu Detox with 13 years of customer service experience. He makes sure that the facility and client needs are always met.. He enjoys interacting with staff and clients and is the first one to welcome new clients with a smile. His dedication and energy is what LifeSync is all about.

Ryan Gartrell

Admissions/Marketing Director

Being someone that struggled with addiction myself and finally made it to the other side after many short-lived attempts at sobriety, I have a sincere desire to help others find their way to the other side as well. I am passionate about helping people, and can truly relate to the person who is in the midst of their addiction. Sometimes we just need someone to hang beside us, even if we have to scrape our knees a few more times.

Sharif Clark


Sharif Clark came to Life Sync with a CATC -1 California Certification who is highly skilled , with +5 years of experience working with a increasingly diverse population that have diverse sets of needs.

Honing a solid set of essential skills makes him an effective, successful mental health practitioner.

Ali Shibaie

Mental Health Tech

Ali comes to LifeSync from an Athletic and Executive Marketing background. Ali gained his own personal experience through the rooms of AA along with working the 12 Step program and sponsorship. Ali is RADT1 Certified M.H.Tech which enables him to facilitate groups and one on one sessions to help fellow alcoholics and addicts who still suffer from self-esteem and trust issues find a solution. “Give back what was freely given to you.”

Amber Stephan

Amber has been working in treatment since 2012.In the field, she has held the following positions Mental Health Tech, Medication Manager and Lead Residential Counselor. After experiencing the effects of addiction in own life she has set out to help others regain stability and help others understand sobriety can be gained with hard work. Amber is currently working towards becoming a EMT. In free time Amber enjoys coaching at-risk youth for the City of Los Angeles Rec and Parks

Eliana Sanchez

Eliana has been working in the field since 2016. On top of being one of our Techs, Eliana has been a CNA (certified nursing assistant) for the past year. Her goal is to eventually become an RN.Eliana enjoys working with our clients and loves to be there for late night chats when they can’t sleep.

Sara Johnson, LVN

Sara has worked in the medical field for 18 years, nursing for four years. She has worked with addiction and dual diagnoses adolescents for over two years and is currently in school to continue her education and to obtain her RN license. Her hope is to help make people see that the past doesn’t matter, it’s the future that counts. It’s not the falls but the amount of times you get up.

Don Owen


Don Owen has been working in the addiction field since 2011. He has hold positions as a technician, lead program facilitator, counselor and group facilitator. He is passionate about building on existing coping skills and self-resilience in clients and promoting further growth and well-being. Don believes healing from addiction and other mental health issues comes in many forms. “Growth happens to everyone involved in the process.”

Sina Meshkinpour

Mental Health Tech

Sina Has been working in treatment since for the past couple of years, Sina gained his own personal experience through the rooms of NA along with working the 12 Step program and sponsorship. “I love helping others with the Disease of addiction and guiding them in a new way of life!”

Oscar Urenda

Mental Health Technician