“I came here a completely beaten man. You guys showed me compassion, comfort and reassurance. The person I see in my profile picture, is not the man I see looking back at me in the mirror. In 10 short days, I laughed, helped, learned, experienced and awakened more of me that I have ever known. This is all thanks to Life sync”


“I thought I could handle it, manage it and control my drinking. It wasn’t until suicide attempts, a gun purchase, psych ward and a Dui did I call out for help. Life sync Malibu Detox answered the call. I came face to face with how sick I really am and was relieved to be in a safe place to allow this to happen. What a gift! Thank you for preparing me for treatment. Your work is so important. God Bless.”


“Great facility, great staff. It felt like a luxury resort in Malibu. It was helpful. Thank you, Life sync.”


“At first I was not happy to be here, but my stay turned out to be incredible. I felt very welcomed and take care of. I was super lazy but the staff was super inspiring and talkative. The groups were great and really opened my eyes to some things. Thank you for the help!”


“This has been a great start to my journey in life. I am so blessed for the opportunity and to have met each one of you. You all have been so welcoming and caring. I just wanted to thank you all.”


“All the staff go above and beyond. I strongly recommend Life Sync and if I ever needed to come back here, I would be happy to return because I was safe and cared for.”


“From the moment, I stepped food into Life sync care, I felt as though everything was as good as it could be. The staff are what make this experience amazing. This place rocks! I’m glad and very grateful I got the chance to come here. Thank you everyone!”


“Thank you for Making Christmas day not feel so lonely. I must admit, I woke up sad but by the end of the days I was content, laughing, watching movies and eating popcorn with the staff. Thank you Doctor Booth for having a lovely environment people can go detox to.”


“I have never felt more comfortable detoxing as I did at Life sync. Private rooms with amazing beds and flat screen TV made me feel as if I was at a high-class hotel. The panoramic ocean view is breathtaking. Most importantly, every one of the staff is friendly and did everything possible to make this experience as comfortable and as painless as possible. I will recommend Life sync to anyone I know in need of detox. Here you are a human who is hurting physically and emotionally and in need of compassion. You are not just a $$$.”


“My stay at Life sync was as good as it possibly could be, considering it is a detox center. I couldn’t imagine a more friendly, accretive, positive and open staff. Also, the grounds in which we are to stay are beyond anything I could’ve imagined. This was my first time in detox. If I were an outsider looking to give advice to a person who is in the shoes I was two weeks ago, this would be the place I would recommend them to go to. Here they get the right treatment with friendly staff and excellent living grounds.”


“This place has been amazing to me. The staff has always been super helpful and respectful to me. I felt extremely comfortable my whole stay. Thank you guys solo much for helping me get back on track. I am very grateful.”


“Unfortunately, relapse has been part of my recovery. Therefore, I’ve seen my share of detox programs. I must say that Life sync has been the best detox ever by far. I consider all aspects including food, staff, detox process and small things such as the beds. Unique to other detox centers, clients have their own room including a private bathroom with shower and TV. This makes the process more comfortable and the start of our journey less painful as the initial stage is rather tough. The staff are kind and everyone has something different and positive to offer. Many of the staff are in recovery which is helpful when getting clean as they have been through the initial struggle and can offer their experience, strength and hope. I felt welcomed as soon as I walked through the door up to the time I was ready to leave. Meals are provided and cooked on the site. Full course delicious meals are served which is important as we neglected to eat healthy prior to entering detox. A medicated detox plan specific to each client is provided and against helps to relieve the initial discomfort. Before arriving to detox I tried to kick heroin, meth, benzos and it was a complete disaster. Thanks to Life sync Malibu, I now have 10 days free from any mind-altering substances. I can’t forget to mention the stunning view of the Pacific Ocean which can be viewed with a matter of steps. One of the best views in all of Malibu, for sure! For me this is helpful when detoxing as it’s a reminder of the beautiful things in life and that drugs aren’t required to enjoy the small things. It makes me appreciate the small things again. Basic therapy is offered daily. Simply said, Life sync was conducive to my initial recovery with a luxurious setting and comfortable environment. I personally recommend Life sync over all other detox centers because of the examples I expressed. Friendly staff, daily support groups, beautiful scenic views, excellent meals, comfortable single med rooms, medicated detox assistance and an onsite doctor to offer medical support. Thanks again to Life sync for getting me over that initial tough struggle of getting clean. This has been a great place!”