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5 Common Questions About Alcohol Detox In Malibu

Patients who seek alcohol detox in the Malibu region and have never been through the process before will typically have a number of questions that they need answered before they can make a reasonable decision about how to handle their problem. If you or a loved one falls into this category, it is in your best interests to read on and learn more about the following queries.

Let's take a closer look at the five most commonly asked questions about alcohol detox in Malibu, so that prospective patients are fully armed with the information that they need. Otherwise, you may end up choosing the wrong alcohol detox facility and be forced to track down a different Malibu service provider.

1) Why Can't I Just Go Cold Turkey?

While no one is saying that you cannot go cold turkey and there are certainly people who have experienced success by utilizing this tactic, it can be very dangerous. But if your usage of alcohol has progressed to a point where you have become physically dependent on the drug, this means that your alcohol detox will need to take place in a facility where you are offered the medical supervision that you need in order to achieve success.

2) What Types of Withdrawal Will I Experience?

The prospect of detox can be scary for someone who has developed an alcohol dependency, since they do not know what to expect and they may be afraid of the type of withdrawals that they are going to experience. The type of withdrawals that are you going to experience will depend on your frequency of usage and could range anywhere from dizziness and nausea to seizures and potential cardiac arrest.

3) How Long Will This Take?

Again, the length of time that you are going to need to spend in an alcohol detox facility in Malibu will depend on the severity of your addiction. For some, the process may be complete within a few days and for others, alcohol detox may be a process that needs to unfold over the course of a few months. It is all a matter of personal severity. The majority of facilities will keep patients for a long enough period of time to ensure their safety upon release.

4) What Do I Look For In A Detox Facility?

The best alcohol detox programs are those that provide the patient with access to clean facilities that are fully up to date and well trained personnel. You should receive a positive gut feeling when you visit the facility and speak to their staff members. Lastly, the examination that you undergo should be in depth and catered specifically to your concerns. If the right medical options are not provided, then it is time to go elsewhere.

5) What Happens After?

While a detox allows your body to return to a state of normalcy, it does not get rid of the addiction entirely. The best detox facilities offer you the foundation that you need to move on with your life and become healthy, while also delivering the tools a patient needs in order to build a happy life for themselves once the initial treatment phase has concluded.


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