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What Happens To The Brain And Body During Detox

Understanding Detox Symptoms The first step in the recovery process involves ridding the body of the all remnants and toxins from the substance. Sometimes just thinking about going through detox can cause so much stress and fear that it might even deter treatment. By learning about what happens to the brain and body during detox […]

Can You Use Tobacco or Take Medications While Undergoing Detox

Detox Rules About Meds and Tobacco Are Flexible Now that you’ve taken the step to enter a detox program, expect there to be certain rules in place. One may ask can you smoke cigarettes while detoxing? Many detox programs know that clients might rely on tobacco use to relieve stress during detox. Going through detox […]


Flakka Drug Abuse and Addiction

Flakka is a dangerous synthetic stimulant drug. Nicknamed the Zombie drug, flakka began to catch on some years ago in Florida. Since then the drug has found its way across the U.S. This cheap stimulant is more potent than meth or cocaine. It can cause severe physical and mental health effects. Read on to learn […]