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Is Valium a Narcotic?

Is Valium a Controlled Substance? When the benzodiazepine Valium was first introduced in 1963, it was hailed as a much safer alternative to barbiturates. Treatment of anxiety disorder and other conditions with barbiturates had been plagued with the many risks associated with powerful sedatives. However, it wasn’t long before the dangers of benzodiazepines surfaced. So, […]

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Functional Alcoholic: Meaning, Signs & Symptoms

It can come as a shock to learn that someone you know as a responsible, hard-working person is in reality an alcoholic. It surprises us because we assume that alcoholics are sloppy, disheveled, and often unemployed. A functional alcoholic, though, is able to be productive and social at work and home, with no overt signs. […]

Pain Killer Abuse After Prescription

Doctors routinely prescribe painkillers to help manage pain after a patient has surgery or sustains an injury. These drugs are highly addictive and prone to abuse. Some people who simply follow the prescribed dosing schedule may soon find themselves hooked on the pills. On the other hand, some may begin to abuse these drugs, taking […]

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Addiction Doctors Near Me in Malibu

Finding the Best Addiction Medicine Physicians You’ve made the life-altering decision to seek out treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction. Now that you are ready for treatment, you will probably start your search for rehab on Google. You type in “addiction doctors near me” and are blown away at the sheer number of treatment […]

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Self Sabotage in Recovery

Why would someone who has worked so hard to get sober and turn their life around throw it all away? It truly defies reason. But self-sabotage in recovery is a very common occurrence. Let’s explore the ways we self-sabotage, and how to prevent it. Why Do We Self-Sabotage in Recovery? Addiction itself is a form […]


How Much Does a Luxury Rehab Cost?

After you decide to tackle your substance use disorder, you must then consider the different rehab options available. Maybe, after doing some research, you’ve decided that a residential program is your best option. If so, you may be surprised to learn how many different kinds of residential programs there are to choose from. One of […]


Does Insurance Cover Rehab for Addiction?

If you are wondering, “Does insurance cover rehab for addiction treatment?” the good news is that most health plans do. The degree to which they cover these services does vary between plans and providers, though, so do check the details. In the past, there were not many insurance providers that covered costs related to substance […]

Can You Overdose on the Fentanyl Patch

By now, most people have heard about fentanyl, the powerful synthetic opioid that is connected to a spike in overdoses. While fentanyl is made in liquid form and pill form, it is the transdermal patch that is most prone to abuse. Fentanyl patches are sold under the brand name Duragesic. These patches are applied to […]