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Understanding the Blood Alcohol Level Chart

What Is The Normal Range For Blood Alcohol Level? Learn How to Read the Blood Alcohol Level Chart to Avoid Excess Intake Most adults who are of drinking age are aware of the .08% blood alcohol limit (BAL) as defined by the state. Utah is the only state that has a .05% legal limit, meaning […]


Night Sweats and Other Signs of Alcoholism

Get to Know the Signs of Alcohol Use Disorder Alcohol can have toxic effects on the body. These don’t appear early on, but rather emerge when the levels of alcohol-related toxins build up in the bloodstream. When someone has an alcohol use disorder (AUD) they will feel the effects of these toxins in the period […]


How to Manage Ambien Withdrawal

Chances are you or someone you know has an Ambien story to tell. This popular sleep aid has become famous for odd adverse effects it has on some people. These have involved sleep-eating, sleep-driving, memory lapses, seeing things, odd acts, and accidents. One thing you don’t hear much about is how rough it is to […]


Heavy Drinking Side Effects

If you or a loved one has a long-term alcohol use disorder you are probably well aware of the short-term adverse affects caused by alcohol abuse. These effects cut a wide swath through a person’s life, negatively impacting physical and mental health, experiencing blackouts and horrible hangovers, excess absenteeism from work or college, reduced job […]


Addicted to Xanax Bars

Learn About the Dangers of Xanax Someone who struggles with anxiety or panic attacks may find relief with the aid of a drug like Xanax. Xanax is a sedative in the benzo class of drugs that quickly calms your system. Xanax is also a drug with high abuse potential. Because the body will quickly build […]