self sabotage in recovery

Self Sabotage in Recovery

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Why would someone who has worked so hard to get sober and turn their life around throw it all away? It truly defies reason. But self-sabotage in recovery is a very common occurrence. Let’s explore the ways we self-sabotage, and how to prevent…
how much does luxury rehab cost

How Much Does a Luxury Rehab Cost?

After you decide to tackle your substance use disorder, you must then consider the different rehab options available. Maybe, after doing some research, you’ve decided that a residential program is your best option. If so, you may be surprised…
does insurance cover rehab for addiction

Does Insurance Cover Rehab for Addiction?

If you are wondering, “Does insurance cover rehab for addiction treatment?” the good news is that most health plans do. The degree to which they cover these services does vary between plans and providers, though, so do check the details. In…
drinking in the morning before work

Do You Find Yourself Drinking in the Morning Before Work?

If you are drinking in the morning before work, it may be a sign of an alcohol use disorder. This practice is common in people attempting to soothe withdrawal symptoms after a night of heavy drinking. If this is a regular practice, it is a warning…
when alcohol ruins a marriage

When Alcohol Ruins a Marriage: How to Spot the Warning Signs

Does it sometimes feel like you have three people in your marriage? In a marriage where a partner is struggling with drinking, alcohol becomes like a third spouse. Alcohol is the lover that one partner in the marriage cannot seem to live without.…
overdose on fentanyl patch

Can You Overdose on the Fentanyl Patch

By now, most people have heard about fentanyl, the powerful synthetic opioid that is connected to a spike in overdoses. While fentanyl is made in liquid form and pill form, it is the transdermal patch that is most prone to abuse. Fentanyl…
morphine withdrawal symptoms

What Are Morphine Withdrawal Symptoms?

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Morphine is a natural opiate used to control severe pain. When someone develops a morphine use disorder, they will need to receive expert detox treatment to overcome it. Here you will learn what the morphine withdrawal symptoms are, and how…
cocaine poisoning

What is Cocaine Poisoning?

There are plenty of news reports about opioid overdose, but what is cocaine poisoning, and is it very common? As with all drugs, when too much cocaine is consumed in a short span of time, the substance becomes toxic to the system. Cocaine…
adhd in adults

ADHD in Adults

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Understanding ADHD (or ADD) in Adults Most people equate the brain disorder ADHD with young hyperactive children. However, ADHD in adults is more common than one might think, with about 4% struggling with the disorder in adulthood. ADHD…
amphetamine withdrawal symptoms

What Are Amphetamine Withdrawal Symptoms?

Amphetamine Withdrawal: Symptoms, Treatment, & Timeline Amphetamines have always been highly desirable drugs because they produce a euphoric high. The downside is that amphetamines are highly addictive substances that lead to many adverse…