best way to detox from alcohol

Best Way to Detox from Alcohol

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If you have a history of heavy alcohol use, you may be ready to take back control over your life. Recovery is launched by a series of steps. These include completing alcohol detox, completing a treatment program, and engaging in continuing care…
can alcohol cause depression relapse

Can Alcohol Cause Depression Relapse

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If you have ever dealt with a bout of depression, you know how hard it is to overcome. Depression can latch on and persist for months, affecting every facet of your life. Someone recovering from depression may mistakenly believe it is okay to…
pancreatitis from alcohol

Pancreatitis From Alcohol

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Inflammation of the pancreatic, or pancreatitis, has several causes. Of these, the two leading causes are pancreatitis from alcohol abuse and gallstones. Whether the condition is chronic or acute, pancreatitis is a serious condition that can…
functional alcoholic

Functional Alcoholic: Meaning, Signs & Symptoms

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It can come as a shock to learn that someone you know as a responsible, hard-working person is in reality an alcoholic. It surprises us because we assume that alcoholics are sloppy, disheveled, and often unemployed. A functional alcoholic, though,…
drinking in the morning before work

Do You Find Yourself Drinking in the Morning Before Work?

If you are drinking in the morning before work, it may be a sign of an alcohol use disorder. This practice is common in people attempting to soothe withdrawal symptoms after a night of heavy drinking. If this is a regular practice, it is a warning…
when alcohol ruins a marriage

When Alcohol Ruins a Marriage: How to Spot the Warning Signs

Does it sometimes feel like you have three people in your marriage? In a marriage where a partner is struggling with drinking, alcohol becomes like a third spouse. Alcohol is the lover that one partner in the marriage cannot seem to live without.…
my drinking is out of control

My Drinking is Out of Control

How Can I Stop Drinking Out Of Control? The New Year is the perfect time to address an alcohol use disorder if you find yourself thinking, “My drinking is out of control!” Who knew when you began the daily habit of enjoying a glass…
OCD and Alcohol

OCD and Alcohol

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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Alcohol Addiction Having co-occurring OCD and alcohol use disorder is fairly common. Learn about these disorders and how the dual diagnosis is successfully treated. Living with obsessive-compulsive disorder…
Alcohol Tremors

Alcohol Tremors and Other Withdrawal Symptoms

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Understanding Alcohol Withdrawal Shakes Shaking hands are just one symptom of alcohol withdrawal. It is a wake-up call, that day when you first notice the hand tremors. Up until that day, it might have been easy to deny that you had a drinking…
Blood Alcohol Level Chart

Understanding the Blood Alcohol Level Chart

What Is The Normal Range For Blood Alcohol Level? Learn How to Read the Blood Alcohol Level Chart to Avoid Excess Intake Most adults who are of drinking age are aware of the .08% blood alcohol limit (BAL) as defined by the state. Utah is the…