is valium a narcotic

Is Valium a Narcotic?

Is Valium a Controlled Substance? When the benzodiazepine Valium was first introduced in 1963, it was hailed as a much safer alternative to barbiturates. Treatment of anxiety disorder and other conditions with barbiturates had been plagued…
diazepam addiction

Recovering from Diazepam Addiction

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Diazepam addiction can creep up on you without warning. Learn about the dangers of this drug and how to break free. Diazepam (brand name Valium) was once called a “wonder drug.” It had a reputation of being a safe, effective drug…
Detox from Benzos

Detox from Benzos – Harder Than You Think

Benzodiazepines and Dependency What are Benzos Drugs? Well, they are benzodiazepine drugs. You've probably heard of valium, and yes, it is a benzodiazepine drug. You've probably heard someone you know make a derogatory comment; "take some valium,…