major depressive disorder treatment

Major Depressive Disorder Treatment

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If you suffer from depression you already know how delicate and vulnerable our mental health really is. One day we may be functioning well, and the next day we find ourselves in a very dark place. What’s worse, we just can’t seem to shake…
Divorce Nervous Breakdown

When Divorce Causes a Nervous Breakdown

Divorce is among the most stressful life events a person might ever endure. Going through a divorce can trigger intense stress and anxiety that can adversely affect every facet of your life. In the event of a very contentious divorce, it can…
feeling overwhelmed all the time

Why am I Feeling Overwhelmed All the Time?

How often in life do we feel totally overwhelmed with all the demands on us? Stress can pile up fast when we experience these difficult chapters, finding us drowning in a sea of anxiety. If you are feeling overwhelmed all the time, these handy…
my depression is getting worse

Why is My Depression Getting Worse?

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Maybe you’ve been struggling with depression for a while now. With help from a mental health professional, you’ve been prescribed the routine treatment of antidepressants and therapy. So then, “Why is my depression getting worse,” you…
depression not getting better

Why Is My Depression Not Getting Better?

You’ve spent yet another day in the dumps, as depression maintains its tight grip on you. It’s pretty disheartening to see no real improvement, even after trialing two or three different antidepressants by now. But here you are, wondering,…
can alcohol cause depression relapse

Can Alcohol Cause Depression Relapse

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If you have ever dealt with a bout of depression, you know how hard it is to overcome. Depression can latch on and persist for months, affecting every facet of your life. Someone recovering from depression may mistakenly believe it is okay to…
mental health treatment in malibu

LifeSync Malibu Announces New Residential Mental Health Treatment Facility

LifeSync Malibu announces a new Residential Mental Health Treatment program and facility. The new mental health treatment facility in Malibu offers residential inpatient treatment for individuals suffering from a broad range of mental health…
self sabotage in recovery

Self Sabotage in Recovery

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Why would someone who has worked so hard to get sober and turn their life around throw it all away? It truly defies reason. But self-sabotage in recovery is a very common occurrence. Let’s explore the ways we self-sabotage, and how to prevent…
adhd in adults

ADHD in Adults

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Understanding ADHD (or ADD) in Adults Most people equate the brain disorder ADHD with young hyperactive children. However, ADHD in adults is more common than one might think, with about 4% struggling with the disorder in adulthood. ADHD is…
enabling addiction

Are You Enabling Addiction

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Even though you have a sincere desire to help a loved one, you might be enabling addiction behaviors without knowing it. Read on to learn more about enabling and codependence, and how to avoid them. What is Enabling? While it is perfectly…