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Healing from Opioid Dependency

Detoxification is difficult, if not done correctly relapse becomes all too common. It’s especially difficult with opioid addiction. Did you know that three out of four people relapse within a month after detoxification? Now mind you many of these folks were flying solo with a home detox plan. Some were working with an outpatient program. Seldom did relapses occur after finishing a medically monitored detox rehab center treatment utilizing a custom tailored plan set to their situation and lifestyle. So, the statistics are not all that surprising (cite: 1). Let’s face it, rewiring your brain and body is hard enough, but that’s not all that must be done. It will require a complete lifestyle change, perhaps a new set of friends as well. You’ll need a comprehensive strategy such as opioid detox and plan to prevent temptation. Consider if you will the stresses in your life that might trigger a desire to take opioids. If you are willing to work on yourself, you’ll find things a lot easier. Call 866-491-4426 to Speak With an Addiction Specialist Take a look at your new life without opioids. Think about all the positives and all the things you are now able to do and do well. Next consider things in your life that cause you angst, pain, stress, or depression. Work to limit those situations and find time to do the things that will help move you forward. Let’s discuss this for a moment. 

Implementing an Exercise Strategy to Prevent Opioid Relapse

By exercising your brain, it will release endorphins and put you in a positive mood. You will restore your physical and mental health. You will feel happier and healthier and fulfilled. When you work out, you will start eating better and improve your diet as well. Preventing depression and stress are two very commonly reported results known to those who work out on a regular basis. This is exactly what you need to keep your mind focused on your new life, rather than regressing into relapse.  If you are looking for the easiest and most helpful thing you can do to prevent a relapse, exercising on a regular basis (3 or more times per week) is one of the smartest moves you can make. You will be a happier version of yourself, and you will notice the results, and feel great.

Boost Your Nutrition by Modifying Your Diet

Nutrition is a necessary component of any safe opioid treatment program, it is also extremely important to prevent a relapse. A better diet will keep you energized (cite: 3). A better diet will help you stay in a positive mood. So you ask; what should I be eating? Well, the best thing you could do is go to Google and search for; ‘Super Foods’. Then, fill your refrigerator with as much of them as possible. This way whenever you are hungry and go to the fridge, there is nothing there but Super Foods to eat! What will you do with all the new energy you have? Will you make more money? Will you take up a new hobby? Will you exercise more? Will you set out and promise yourself to enjoy life to the fullest? Please answer; Yes! Call 866-491-4426 to Speak With an Addiction Specialist

Do Something Great. Take Up a New Hobby

Find something challenging, exciting, interesting and worthy. Explore your options. Do something you’ve always wanted to do. Try something new. By refocusing your efforts on something worthy you will re-channel your energy and give your life new meaning, a new beginning. Ever run a marathon? You probably can. After all, if you can detox from opioids, there is nothing you can’t do! Yes, it takes work, training, perseverance and will power. All attributes you’ve proven you already have. See that point?  You could learn to play a musical instrument, become an artist, rebuild a classic car, learn to fly, go get a college degree or become an expert at anything you think is worthy. It’s all you, it’s your choice, it’s your life. You have your life back. Now go make the most of it. Do something great. Do something spectacular. Volunteer at a non-profit, or maybe help someone else going through what you just did? Can you think of a more worthy cause than that? 

Receive Help and Guidance to Go Through Opioid Detox

Whether you were using recreationally or you were prescribed the opiate medication, you can safely detox with proper treatment in a private center. We want you to reach your full potential. We want to help you synchronize your life and beat this thing once and for all. At LifeSync Malibu we understand and we are with you during opioid detox. A successful future awaits you. Take it. References: 1.) “Alternative to ‘revolving door’ of opioid detox and relapse.” Boston University School of Medicine. ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 20 August 2019. 2.) “Exercise as an Adjunct Treatment for Opiate Agonist Treatment: Review of the Current Research and Implementation Strategies,” by Jeremiah Weinstock, Ph.D., published in The Journal of Substance Abuse. 2012: 33(4): 350-360. 3.) “Promoting a healthier, younger you: Superfoods,” by Casimir MacGregor, Alan Petersen, and Christine Parker. Published in The Journal of Consumer Culture in 2018. DOI: 10.1177/1469540518773825.