Life After Rehab

Completing a rehab program is a major accomplishment in itself—of the 23.5 million Americans who could benefit from addiction treatment, only 11 percent get the help they need.1 However, rehab is only the first step on your lifelong recovery journey. After you leave the treatment center, returning to a normal routine of work, family, friends […]

Choosing a Recovery Program That's Right For You

Every person is unique, with their own individual needs and ways of coping with stress and illness. People’s experiences with addiction are no different. This is why it is important to consider what you need and want in a recovery program, do your research and choose the facility that’s the best fit for your requirements […]

The Recovery Process: 5 Ways to Include Your Family

In many respects, the path to addiction recovery is a team effort. Like a race car driver, the addiction sufferer must do the driving to cross the finish line, but the pit crew provides the driver with essential support in much the same way that addiction specialists, counselors and family members do for addiction sufferers. […]