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Residential Alcohol Rehab In Los Angeles

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Alcohol Rehab for Los Angeles

If you’re struggling with alcohol addiction in Los Angeles, choose an effective luxurious rehab close bychoose LifeSync. Our residential alcohol rehab center’s primary focus is on providing support & guidance to those struggling with alcohol dependency issues. A tailored approach provides a different level of care & support that goes beyond the standard treatment provided in other treatment centers.

Alcohol use disorder (AUD) afflicts approximately 14.5 million U.S. adults in a given year. Alcohol is a substance that, when consumed at high levels for an extended period, can result in addiction, as well as adverse health and mental health effects and harm to careers and relationships.

For someone who has developed AUD, getting early treatment offers the best chance for reversing the effects of the disease. An alcohol rehab program provides the necessary treatment and support to help you regain control over your life and embrace a promising future ahead.

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Individual Treatment & Plans For Alcohol Abuse

By utilizing custom treatment for alcohol addiction, individuals can expect a better approach that is tailored to their specific needs and circumstances. Alcohol treatment plans will vary based on various factors, including the severity of addiction, overall health, and personal preference. Here’s a general summary outlining what to expect with custom treatment plans for alcohol addiction:

At LifeSync Malibu, we prioritize a thorough and comprehensive assessment process to understand the extent and nature of each individual’s addiction. Our experienced professionals conduct detailed evaluations to tailor treatment plans that address specific needs and challenges.
We provide a safe and supervised medical detoxification program to manage withdrawal symptoms effectively. Our medical team ensures a comfortable detox process by administering appropriate medications and closely monitoring each client’s progress.
Clients benefit from personalized one-on-one counseling sessions with licensed therapists. These sessions delve into underlying issues contributing to addiction, fostering self-awareness and facilitating emotional healing.

Participation in group therapy sessions offers valuable peer support and encouragement. Clients have the opportunity to share experiences, gain insights, and develop coping strategies in a supportive group setting. We also facilitate access to support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.) for ongoing guidance and community connection.

LifeSync Malibu specializes in dual diagnosis treatment, addressing co-occurring mental health disorders alongside addiction. Our integrated approach ensures that all aspects of a client’s well-being are considered and treated simultaneously.
We emphasize holistic therapies that focus on the mind-body connection and stress management. From yoga and meditation to breathwork and art therapy, our holistic approaches complement traditional counseling methods to promote overall healing and wellness.
A healthy lifestyle is integral to recovery. Our nutritional counseling and physical fitness programs educate and empower clients to adopt healthy habits that support sobriety and enhance overall physical well-being.
Each client receives a personalized aftercare plan to support their transition back into everyday life post-treatment. Our comprehensive aftercare planning ensures continuity of care and ongoing support to prevent relapse.
We continuously monitor each client’s progress and treatment effectiveness, making necessary adjustments to optimize their recovery journey. Regular assessments help us tailor treatment plans to meet evolving needs and goals.
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Los Angeles Alcohol Detox in a Luxury Setting

At LifeSync Malibu, we are committed to providing compassionate and evidence-based addiction treatment that addresses the whole person—body, mind, and spirit. Our comprehensive approach empowers individuals to break free from addiction and embrace a healthier, more fulfilling life. If you or a loved one are seeking recovery from addiction, contact us today to begin your journey towards lasting sobriety and well-being.
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About Alcohol Use Disorder

Early on, it isn’t always so clear if your drinking habits are evolving towards alcoholism. However, as the AUD makes itself known, the signs and symptoms become harder to ignore.

The spectrum of AUD ranges from mild to severe disease. This range of disordered alcohol use includes alcohol abuse, binge drinking, alcohol dependence, and alcohol addiction.

Signs of AUD Include

A rule of thumb is the more symptoms you recognize in yourself, the more severe the AUD.

  • Increasing tolerance to alcohol, leading to higher consumption.
  • Obsessing over when you can drink next and having a supply of available liquor.
  • Feeling guilty about the drinking behavior.
  • Lying about how much you drink or hiding the alcohol from loved ones.
  • Engaging in high-risk behaviors, such as driving under the influence.
  • Mood swings.
  • Memory blackouts.
  • Irritability
  • Disrupted sleep.
  • Mounting consequences because of the drinking, but continuing to drink anyway.
  • Wanting to quit or cut back but can’t.Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when alcohol is withheld.

What to Expect from Alcohol Rehab in Los Angeles

The disease of alcoholism can be treated and managed through a commitment to abstinence and a willingness to adopt a sober lifestyle. Treatment for AUD involves participating in an array of therapeutic activities that help you make important changes in thoughts and behaviors. At our inpatient alcohol rehab near Los Angeles, these include:

  • Medical detox. Medically monitored withdrawal management helps to minimize discomfort as the body eliminates the residual alcohol and achieves homeostasis.
  • Psychotherapy. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and other evidence-based therapies provide guidance for achieving necessary behavioral changes.
  • Group support. Small group discussions with peers in recovery provide a safe, supportive space for sharing and learning together.
  • Family-centered therapy. Family sessions offer supportive guidelines for improving family functioning, communication, and boundary setting.
  • Dual diagnosis treatment. In many instances, the individual is struggling with a co-occurring mental health disorder as well as AUD. A dual diagnosis program such as LifeSync Malibu offers, treats both disorders simultaneously.
  • Twelve step program. Themes from A.A.’s 12-step program or other recovery programs offer structure to the recovery process.
  • Holistic activities. Relaxation techniques can reduce stress in rehab and enhance the recovery process. These include yoga, massage, meditation, art and music therapy, acupuncture, and mindfulness training.

LifeSync Malibu is a luxury alcohol rehabilitation center offering highly effective treatment within a stunning coastal setting. If you or a loved one is struggling with AUD, please reach out for help today.

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FAQs About Our Alcohol Rehab in Los Angeles

An alcohol addiction treatment center is a facility or program designed to help individuals struggling with alcohol use disorder. It provides a structured and supportive environment for detox, therapy, counseling, and recovery.
Treatment programs can vary, but they often include inpatient or outpatient options, detoxification, individual and group therapy, counseling, medical support, and aftercare planning.
If alcohol is negatively impacting your life, relationships, or health, it may be time to seek treatment. Signs of a problem can include increased tolerance, withdrawal symptoms, loss of control, and failed attempts to quit.
During intake, you’ll be assessed by medical and addiction professionals. They’ll gather information about your addiction history, physical and mental health, and personal circumstances to determine the most suitable treatment plan.
Detox is often necessary to safely manage withdrawal symptoms. It involves supervised withdrawal from alcohol, and medical professionals may administer medication to ease discomfort.
Help Reduce Rehab Costs

Most PPO Insurance Accepted for Inpatient Alcohol Rehab

Help reduce costs by utilizing your insurance plan. LifeSync Malibu is proud to accept many PPO health insurance plans to help cover the cost of inpatient alcohol rehab. Call our team today to discuss your insurance coverage and out of pocket costs for treatment. If you do not want to use insurance for increased privacy, we can provide you with our private pay rates for 30, 60, or 90 days of treatment.

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Reaching out for help and guidance is the hardest part. The LifeSync Admissions Counselors are dedicated to help you or your loved one remove barriers to treatment. Our caring and compassionate team will provide an initial confidential telephone assessment and discuss our treatment programs and options that meet your specific and unique needs. We accept most private insurance as well as offer private pay plans.